Secrete Audacity

I was on DA (that’s DeviantArt for those who don’t know) the other day and got a message. My messages are sometimes comments or journal entries from other people. So I get a journal entry by Talianora, who said: “Well, my brother and I beat Twilight Princess!! It was totally amazing. I did not like how much Midna changed the roles of the Triforce Trio, but I’ll just have to live with it.”

I, upon reading this, grew a bit perturbed, mainly because Midna is the greatest LoZ character of all time, even surpassing Link, though he is mucho hot. ^_^ So I wrote a comment saying: “Isn’t Midna’s true form SO FREAKING COOL?!? But what did you mean by ‘changing the roles of the triforce trio’??? o_O *prepares weapon*”

Just an hour ago, I recieved a new message saying she replied to my comment. I read it and it said the following, which I found to be both quite upsetting and inaccurate:  

“Well, Ganondorf wasn’t all out trying to destroy Link and get the triforce, and they didn’t even mention the triforce at all. And Midna destracted from the whole point of trying to save Zelda.

..and I didn’t think her true form was very cool at all.”

I was not happy with this, so I wrote back with: 

“That’s because you don’t even hear about Ganondorf till you’re over halfway done with the game. Zant is sort of supposed to be the big game villian, like Vaati on FSA, both of which Ganondorf just HAD to barge in at the last minute and steal the spotlight from these great villians.

And Zelda really didn’t need saving. It gets old, and it was her fault for a lot of the problems in the games anyway. (Like in OoT, she even admits that it was her fault that everything happened because when she gave the Spiritual Stones to Link, it let Ganon get into the Sacred Realm, so she screwed up trying not to because she was just a little kid.) Zelda’s tough, and totally awesome, and I don’t think she deserves to be put into that stereotypical princess-locked-in-a-tower or whatever category.

The main point of TP isn’t really to save Zelda, it’s to save Hyrule from being drowned in perpetual twilight. Hyrule, and all its light-dwelling people. The only LoZ games where main point of it was to save Zelda was in Adventure of Link and… well, I can’t think of really any more right now. But in WW, you didn’t have to save Zelda–she helped you beat Ganondorf instead. In OoT, yeah, I guess you had to ‘save’ her from the crystal thing, but again, it was to save Hyrule, not more or less her. In MM she only shows up once, and in a flashback at the beginning of the game, and they don’t even discuss the Triforce there at all. Neither the Triforce nor Zelda appeared in LA, either.

I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I’m simply correcting you. The point of TP wasn’t to save Zelda, so Midna didn’t ‘distract’ from anything. I personally think Midna was the one Link ended up saving, not Zelda!

You have your opinions and I have mine, and I respect yours and I hope you respect mine. I like, no, LOVE Midna’s true form. You can hate it all you want, but try not to bust my butt for it. (That’s not an accusation, it’s a warning for the future. I don’t like or have to tolerate flames.)

Basically, it all comes down to the fact that this is an unnecessarily long comment, and I am going to end it.”

Obviously, Talianora isn’t that big of a Zelda fan, because she hasn’t appeared to have read the available manga, read various websites regarding the subject, and just gone all out farther than simply playing the game, as I have.


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