Secrete Audacity

Konichiwa! I’ve got many names, but most people call me Cailel. That’s my Bakelian name, anyway. 😉 I’m thirteen years old and I live where the sun is green and two moons hang in the night sky. I love to read, write, draw, animate, make movies, listen to music, act (to an extent; I’d never do it in front of people), roleplay, hang out with my friends, play with my dogs, ride horses, play neopets, make and read comic books, play video games (particularly Zelda games), and waste the day away on the computer.

Last year, in seventh grade, I went through a sort of gothic/emo “I hate everything, I hate everybody, life sucks” funk, but I’m pretty much out of it now. I went from a shy little seed to a sick bud, and I’m starting to bloom into a beautiful flower. I don’t want to bloom too quickly, though; I hear early bloomers rot early. (No offense to any people younger than me that are “dating” and getting pregnant.) Not that I’d do any of that stuff. Just the mere mention of the three-letter word freaks me out, and I don’t “date” guys, either. Yeah, I went out with this one guy, but I dumped him four days before our “one month anniversary”. I never touched him, let alone kissed him. And I didn’t ever really like him more than a friend, I don’t think. I think I just asked him out as a cure for the crush I had on his best friend, who’s a total jackass. I’m going to wait until I’m 15 or so for another. 

Hmm, what else? My favorite color is green, like emeralds, which are my favorite gems, and the color of the sun. The Legend of Zelda is my favorite game series. I grew up with Nintendo, so I often find Microsoft (X Box) and Sony (PS1-3) games to be weird and boring, even though last year I was really into Grand Theft Auto.  I don’t have an X Box or any version of Playstation, except a PSP and I don’t ever use it, but I’ve got a N64, Super Nintendo, Gamecube, three different Gameboys, and the very first Nintendo ever (which is broken).

I love to read. And listening to music. Without books or music, I’d be lost. My favorite book is Trickster’s Queen, sequel to Trickster’s Choice (I like them both, but TQ is lots better than TC), and my favorite song is Simple Plan’s “I’d Do Anything”, along with BoA’s “Valenti”, Hoobastank’s “The Reason”, Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”, Avril Lavigne’s “Nobody’s Home”, Good Charlotte’s “The Anthem”, Green Day’s “Holiday”, Akon’s “Smack That”, and “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band. Currently, I am reading Tris’s Book by Tamora Pierce.

 I’m no Picasso, but I’m pretty good at art stuff. Drawing’s my main way to do artwork, mostly because all you need’s a pencil and some paper. I might post some of my stuff up here but probably not, since I don’t have a scanner.

Well, that’s enough for now. Sayonara! 


Brenda says:

i know ur crazi bout miazaki…lol….i hate when that happens to me…

ultra says:

hey, nice site Cailel. s’awesome, man. see you at Neoplay ;D

Sarah says:

Hey Lil, Cal, Hayley whatever xDDDD

Nice thing you got here ^^ and yeah, now that you have your tablet you should definitely post some of you art ^^

Kiwi, Sarah, someone… yeah…

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