Secrete Audacity

{February 6, 2007}   Zelda and Japanese.. the relation?! NOT! XD

Ah, yes.

Another fanfic I am working on. XD This one is for Zelda Twilight Princess; it’s a novelized version of the game that people seem to like. I managed to explain why Link’s the only pointy-eared fellow in Ordon and what’s up with his parents in the first chapter, and apparently it was a hit. xDDD

Okay, so I’ve been working on my Japanese some, too. … It’s not very good, mind you, but it’s something. ^_^ I actually find Japanese ten – no, a hundred – times easier than Spanish or French, which are like, what, the two easiest languages to learn? XP Anyway, I can read a tad bit of hiragana now (yay!), and I know simple phrases that I use around the house and at school… Liiiiiike, “ohayou gozaimas”, for “good morning”. I don’t know how to spell gozaimas, but whatever. XD And “konban wa” for “good evening”, oooor “mata ne” for “see you later” or something. I can also count to nineteen. Ichi, ni, san, yon, go, roku, nana, hachi, kyuu, juu, juuichi, juuni, juusan, juuyon, juugo, juuroku, juunana, juuhachi, juukyuu, and I don’t know how to say twenty. XD I probably have 10-19 wrong, but 1-10 is correct. 😀 

Okies, that’s enough for now. My eyes ish hurting, and I’m going to sleep.




kya mast photo lagayi hai AA ki!! actually u shud have put the bumps wala pic Click

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