Secrete Audacity

The day before Christmas Eve.

Always a weird one. I spent the day trying (and failing) numerous times to install Photoshop, listening to Holly Brook, and roleplaying for the guild. What’s funny about the Holly Brook songs is I keep listening to “Saturdays”, and it really is Saturday, which I’ve just noticed. Well, it’s not really funny, I guess, just mildly amusing, you know, like a sort of, “Oh, look at that, haha” thing.

Well, not much else to say here. Gonna go now.



{December 20, 2006}   we got our power back


We got our power back.

It’s so great. Almost seven days without power… half the state was wiped out. It sucks, but not anymore. We have a generator, but it doesn’t light up the bathrooms. I had my period this week, and going to the bathroom in the dark is scary when you know you have bloody issues to deal with. And my bathroom’s the only one with a window, which is super small and no help when it’s dark out.

I’ve been working more on the Hidrin language today. As soon as I get everything organized and making sense, then I can begin getting people to convert to Bakelian. I hope Chu at least does, maybe Alex too? Speaking of Alex, I want her to come over tomorrow… but she can’t. Maybe Friday? That’d be great. And tomorrow, my twenty-year-old half sister is coming up. Maybe I can get her interested in Bakelian? I haven’t told my mom about my new religion yet. It’s not exactly a conversation starter. “Hey Mom, guess what? I have a religion now.” “Oh, really? What is it?” “Bakelian.” “Erm, what’s that?” She’s vacuuming the hallway right now. I’ll tell her… someday.

I cannot wait for Christmas. I’m getting Zelda Twilight Princess, guaranteed. As soon as I get it, I am so gonna be glued to the Gamecube for the rest of vacation, and possibly even when school starts up again, if I haven’t finished it in those remaining eight days.

Well, I’m going to leave now. It’s 10:40pm, almost 11, and I’m off to Myspace.



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