Secrete Audacity

{November 6, 2006}   Every girl’s gotta start someday…


But, shit, I started my period today.

This is so not cool. I was eating lunch, and Chu wasn’t there. So we asked a bunch of people and they said she was in the bathroom. Well she was “in the bathroom” for a long time, so I joked with Brenda about how maybe she’s having her period. Then I ask her lots of questions about hers.

When we were dismissed, meaning we could get up and walk around or stay and eat for another 10 minutes before classes started again, I said I was going to check on Rosemerry. Well she wasn’t in the bathroom. But I had to go. So I go. And when I go to wipe, there’s … blood … on the toilet paper. I freaked out. So I wiped a few more times to check if I was really bleeding, and I was. So I left the bathroom and went to find Brenda, and I guess I looked like I was gonna start crying ’cause she was all, “What’s wrong?” And she and Rin follow me out to the hallway and I start crying.

It’s so not cool. Then Mom picked me up and whatnot, but I want Chu to give me a big hug tomorrow morning because I feel like absolute shit. And she won’t pick up her phone, dammit!! 😡


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