Secrete Audacity

{November 5, 2006}   Hey there.

Hey there.

I’m Cailel Aakkwe. This is kind of like my other blog, but a little different. I’m 13 and have no reason to hate my life. For more info, check the “about me” thing.. or my other blog, whatever. I’m not too interesting at times, but sometimes I can be.

What’s with the freaky tagline? “I look at my scarred heart, and the blood dripping down the wall, and I still suppress tears that need to fall.” Yes, those are lyrics to a song I wrote after I was released from the hellish prison I was in last year, and it reflects back on those nightmarish days. I’ll post the song up someday … maybe. But know this: I am not Goth. I’m not emo. I wasn’t Goth or emo last year, but I kind of acted like it. I’ll explain it all later. Maybe.

All right, that’s that. I’m leaving now.



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